The morphology of fish- Amsterdam

In her new installation, Mandy den Elzen shows a collection of fish gills, displayed in our Aquaponics greenhouse. Her work unveils the aesthetic side to an organ, that is normally only seen for its function: breathing. We are opening this exhibition with a collection of 15 gills, which will continue to grow just like the plants and fish around it.

Join us for the opening of this installation on Museumnacht, at 17:00 on the 2nd of November, with an opening speech by Martin Melchers at 17:30.


A local treasure

For her collaboration with Mediamatic, Mandy focused on fish species that can be found in the waters surrounding the Biotoop by 1 kilometer. Local fisherman Piet Ruijter, who is the only traditional fisherman allowed on these waters, provided various fish species.

The specificity of the fish allows the visitor to learn more about the geography and history of this area in Amsterdam. Indeed, most of those fish are species which can only be found in freshwaters, often in estuaries or coastal waters, just like the IJ river and docks. Some of them are also well known as food products, like bream, cod, perch or whiting. They form a part of the local culture, as fish-based courses are very typical in Dutch cuisine and appreciated for their freshness. Actually, Piet is also providing many local restaurants with his catches. Therefore those fish can tell a lot about our local culture and history, in addition to what they reveal regarding environmental science, geography and biology.






– Onze Lieve Vrouwen Kerk, Breda
– Kunstloc, Lochal Tilbrug

“Stuffed” is a documentary feature film directed by Erin Derham about the surprising and unique world of taxidermy.

Through the eyes and hands of passionate renowned artists across the world, the film allows the audience to dip into & explore this diverse subculture, where sculptors must also be scientists. It is a genre of art, formed by a collection of people who have a fanaticism for nature, matched only by their desire to protect it. They love animals and see life where others only see death. In an unexpected twist, “Stuffed” reveals the importance of preserving nature, using taxidermy as its unlikely vehicle, and the taxidermist as its wild driver.





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