Rumen & Reticulum

Mandy den Elzen Rumen_2


2013 | Size: 110x60x3 cm
Material: rumen and reticulum from cattle

The largest part of the cow stomach is the rumen and the reticulum, which are basically one compartment, but differ in surface texture. The rumen is lined with short, fur-like papillae, which give it a velvety surface, and slightly larger projections in the shape of rice grains.

As a final product, cattle stomach leather shares a lot of qualities with conventional hide leather; it has great tensile strength, it is flexible and has a high resistance to tear and puncture.

In the reticulum, the papillae gradually merge into tiny folds which form its characteristic honeycomb netting with a hexagonal pattern. Both the rumen and reticulum are brown after preservation.