Preserving by embalming

Intrigued by nature’s ingenuity, Mandy den Elzen separates organic material from its original functions and transforms its raw forms into displayable and compelling artworks. Employing a scientific-like approach, the artist rigorously selects internal chicken organs and subjects them together with Andries van Dam a series of scrupulous actions. As a result, the organic materials alter their appearance and become unique and enigmatic objects seducing the viewers with their extraordinary shape, texture, tactility, and colour.

Functioning like a microcosm encased in glass, Mandy den Elzen’s artwork sparks interest in its origins and reminds viewers of Renaissance cabinets of curiosities.
The assemblies of collectable wonders that Mandy den Elzen creates not only manifest the artist’s passion for nature and its aesthetics but also stimulate viewers’ imagination and encourage contemplation of hidden aspects of living organisms.

Funded by Mondriaan Fund,Call for contemporary use of crafts
In collaboration with Andries van Dam, Fix for Life
& conservator Anatomy Museum Leiden

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