The exploration of the Mastbos

Fascinated by the ingenuity of nature, Mandy den Elzen explores Breda’s flora and fauna in her artistic practice. In recent years she has focused on the Mastbos. Under the title “The exploration of the Mastbos”, Den Elzen currently immersed herself in one of the oldest cultivated forests in the Netherlands. The Mastbos was constructed on behalf of Count Henry III of Nassau. It is part of a versatile area with heathlands, fens and stately beech avenues.

She explored the forest with the knowledge and support from Staatsbosbeheer. During her residency at Stedelijk Museum Breda, Den Elzen embalms leaves and needles of all these Mastbos species. She also revealed the veins of the various deciduous trees under the title “Mastbos Nervature”.

At Stedelijk Museum Breda she showed the preserved leaves and needles together with information and old photos of the Mastbos. To give an idea of the developments in the forest since 1515 as well as the beautiful diversity in shapes and structures of the trees.

Gemeente Breda
Stedelijk Museum Breda